Supporting community-led action research

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Knowledge is Power is a new programme from Scottish Community Development Centre and The Poverty Alliance to support community-led action research in Scotland.

Over the next two years we’ll be supporting six community organisations to use the knowledge – and power – of their communities to make change happen.

We will work with activists, volunteers, and staff of community organisations to deliver community-led action research on the issues that matter to them – and share people’s experiences and learning as we go.

What is community-led action research?

Community-led action research is where the community decides on the issue to be researched, designs and carries out the research, and makes use of the results.

This isn’t research for the sake of it: it’s research shaped, led and delivered by the community (whether that’s of place, interest or identity), enabling them to take action on the issues important to them and make change happen. It puts the power into empowerment.

We’ll be working with people and groups across the country – from communities, funders, academia and government - to build a long term programme to help community-led action research develop and grow across Scotland.

Full website and more information about the application process coming soon.
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